Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wonder What Weird Stuff Is On eBay For Sale?

Well, now you can keep yourself apprised of the most unusual stuff that is up for sale on eBay by visiting the blog
"Weird eBay Listings"...currently it is showcasing someone that has "one genuine soul" up for sale (current bid out of nine is $6.67) or how about the bid for "the Spirit In The Door" from a house built in 1864, which is at a current bid of $20.50? These things are just in time for that special someone at Christmas...but it seems they are better suited for our blog about things that make you go Hmmm...don't you think? Here is the soul seller's description, to wit: "I
have, up for auction, my soul. I am broke and have truly stopped caring, so here it is. For the winning bidder will be a photo of the one above, with a typed document saying that i have given you my soul. I will initial it in my blood of you see it that you need it. Email me with anything else that you see that you might need. Also, i will frame the photo if my soul sells for over $5. Good luck and happy bidding." Hurry bidding ends on December 21st!

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